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Learn how to perform tasks on inField Clipboard

1. Schedules – Add New Event2018-05-24T20:23:01-04:00
2A. Click on the “square” to the right of the From Date / Time and select the Date.2018-05-24T20:24:09-04:00
2B. Click on the Clock below to select the time of the job.2018-05-24T20:29:08-04:00
3. Select the Location of the job. This is a list that appears from the Client Database.2018-05-24T20:33:03-04:00
4. Select the Job Description from the drop down.2018-05-24T20:33:22-04:00
5. You can add more instructions or additional information with the Description box. This information is made available to the field technician.2018-05-24T20:34:26-04:00
6. Chose the Technician who will perform the work.2018-05-24T20:36:57-04:00
7. Click SAVE2018-05-24T20:37:57-04:00
8. The Time Slot of the job appears on the Schedule.2018-05-24T20:39:01-04:00
9. Click on the Schedule (one click) – Displays the job information.2018-05-24T20:40:08-04:00
10. Select ‘Add Work Order’2018-05-24T20:41:08-04:00
11. Browse through the pre-filled information.2018-05-24T20:42:17-04:00
13. You can assign additional Technicians – Selected within the Technicians Box and choose another Technician.2018-05-24T20:43:21-04:00
14. NEW FORMS: i) Click on the box to select blank forms that should be associated to this job.2018-05-24T20:44:46-04:00
15. Click CREATE at the bottom.2018-05-24T20:45:55-04:00
1. PEOPLE – Users2018-05-24T22:01:14-04:00
a) Click the ‘New Contact’ button2018-05-24T22:04:31-04:00
b) Enter Email Address of Contact + FN + LN + Telephone + Password2018-05-24T22:06:59-04:00
c) Please ensure the Type = Contact is selected below2018-05-24T22:08:06-04:00
2. PEOPLE – Clients – New Client2018-05-24T22:12:27-04:00

Two Step Process:

1.  Create the Associated Contact for the Business

2.  Create the Business (Business Name + Location Address)

a) At the bottom – click on “Add New Location” – opens additional options2018-05-24T22:11:07-04:00
  • Name = Exact same as Business Name  OR  Could have additional info to distinguish between Head Office and Site Location
  • Enter Address, City, Prov, Country, PAC, Telephone
  • Description = Any additional information you wish to have about this location.  Not displayed anywhere.
1) SERVICES TYPES – on the right side click NEW2018-05-24T22:16:09-04:00
2) Enter Job Type = E.g. “On Call”2018-05-24T22:17:17-04:00
3) Enter Description = E.g. “On Call”2018-05-24T22:18:32-04:00
4) Enter Rate = 0.002018-05-24T22:19:43-04:00
5) Click CREATE2018-05-24T22:20:47-04:00
When creating a new Event, this new Job Type should now appear in the available Job Types list.2018-05-24T22:23:08-04:00
1. PEOPLE – USERS – TECHNICIANS2018-05-25T10:50:04-04:00
a) Click on “New Technician” – on the right side2018-05-25T10:51:20-04:00
b) Enter Email / UserName / First Name / Last Name / Phone / Password / Re-Enter Password.2018-05-25T10:52:38-04:00
c) Choose a Schedule Colour2018-05-25T10:53:42-04:00
d) DO NOT select User Level – for future use2018-05-25T10:54:47-04:00
e) Ensure ROLE = Technician2018-05-25T10:57:30-04:00
f) CREATE2018-05-25T10:58:39-04:00
1. PEOPLE – USERS2018-05-25T11:01:57-04:00
a) Select Technicians tab2018-05-25T11:04:03-04:00
b) Search for the Technician Name – Enter the name in the Email field or Username field – Click SEARCH2018-05-25T11:05:10-04:00
c) Actions – EDIT the Technician2018-05-25T11:06:14-04:00
d) Enter new Password, and re-enter in the Password Confirmation fields2018-05-25T11:07:17-04:00
d) UPDATE2018-05-25T11:09:40-04:00

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