The Dry-Fogging Advantage

  • Disinfect without harming or damaging surfaces, people, or animals.

  • We use a powerful Stabilized Proxy acid, approved by Health Canada, EPA-USA, and CSA that destroys all kinds of severe Pathogens (Spores & Bio-Films).

  • An environmentally safe product that decomposes into water and oxygen.

  • Leaves all surfaces completely dry with no residue.

Dry-Fogging Comparison

Alternative Fogging

  • Not intended for indoors – meant for industrial, agriculture and veterinary applications.
  • When used indoors the remaining moisture after use can damage furniture, cause corrosion with electronics, and promote mold and mildew.

Electrostatic Systems

  • Only effective on solid furniture.
  • Leaves a wet residue on applied surfaces.
  • Limited disinfection capability.

Value-Added Services